Why The Questions We Ask Regarding Our Homes Needs to Change

One of the things that we love doing is showing potential buyers homes in the area. We love seeing the looks on peoples faces as they step into a home that we’re touring and seeing their imaginations run wild.

What we love even more is when we see people starting to ask what are the homes built with. There have been great developments in home building technology, but not enough education on the advancements in materials and why that’s so important.

building with safer materials doesn't have to be unattractive

Educating Our Visitors

What we want to do is help to educate people on why it’s so important to switch the types of materials that we are using. So we take that opportunity when we’re actually touring our homes because we’ve got some builders who actually use a new type of material that is, for all intents and purposes, fireproof.

The reason why it’s fireproof is that the home is built from a specialized cement panel. Now, the problem with most cement panels is the expense and the difficulty in building with them. Plus, most cement panels are terribly inefficient; they are also heavy. What’s really nice about this particular type is that it is a revolutionary type of concrete panel that actually allows people to build their homes much faster and save lots of money on both the short-term and long-term.

Aerated Concrete

The problem that most people found with using aerated concrete is that it is not a strong enough material to support a home and keep its inhabitants safe; otherwise, people would be using aerated concrete all the time for building. What aerated concrete basically is, is a specialized form of concrete where instead of just using concrete and water, the water is substituted with foam. What this does is creates a concrete that is much lighter, energy efficient, and less brittle.cement panels can be a better material

The only problem with aerated concrete is that typically it’s not structurally sound.

But that’s what’s so exciting about our homes—they are structurally sound. You can check out our homebuilding blog here: https://spokanehomebuilders.weebly.com.

Our manufacturers have developed a specialized aerated concrete and panel system that allows our homes to not only be structurally sound, but also much stronger. We’ve cringed with seeing some of the other manufacturers building homes out of just aerated concrete in some third world countries. The homes are erected quickly; they’re comfortable; their energy-efficient; they’re also unsafe. However, because we build with the correct materials our aerated concrete panels are actually very safe, structurally sound, and efficient.

And because there are other manufacturers who are making homes that are not safe but look good on paper, we need to start asking the right questions about making our homes safe and strong—as well as efficient.

How Safe Is Your Home: Asking the Right Questions

Back in the 60s, Ralph Nader wrote a book talking about how the automobile industry needed to start making safer cars. In fact, he started getting people to start asking the right questions instead of just talking about how strong the car was or how powerful it was or the fuel economy. Back then they weren’t asking about how the safety of the vehicle.

What we need to do is start getting people to ask those questions—but in the context of our homes. How safe is my home? and what is it going to take to make safer homes? is this home resistant to fires? what about flooding? what about earthquakes?

We mentioned at the beginning of this post that we love seeing the looks on peoples faces as they’re imagining what it would be like to live in this home. What we’ve seen though is that when we start asking people questions beyond just how the home looks, is that it starts to get people’s minds working, and that’s what we really like seeing.

Most everyone knows to look at the foundation of the home. But beyond that, the questions of the home’s integrity typically fall under how much does it cost to live in this house. What’s the neighborhood like? And so on.

What most people don’t know is to ask what type of materials the walls are made out of; what type of insulation the home has; what type of insulation is an attic; how much insulation is there.

Almost no one asks the question, how fast will this home burn? What will happen if an earthquake comes? What will happen if my pipes burst? What will happen if there’s a natural flood?

But why are we not asking this question? Why is it taboo to ask about how fast a home is going to burn—especially when people’s lives are at stake here.

Safety and Energy Efficiency Don’t Have to Equal a Higher Price Tag

After we have talked with our potential buyers about the safety of the home people always ask will how expensive is this. Really it’s a sad question because how can you put a price tag on your safety. But we understand and what we want to do is start showing people that safety does not have to mean a higher price tag and that people don’t have to sacrifice safety and energy efficiency for comfort.

You know we take lots of people on lots of different tors and what we really love is educating people with our home touring sec. About why it’s so important to build homes that are fire assistant basically fireproof and to show people that actually yes it is indeed possible to do so while still making a comfortable home and still making a home that is actually efficient and affordable.

Unfortunately, what we’ve seen, is efficient homes equals a higher price tag; that should not be the case. And that’s why we are so excited about the PermaPanel (see https://bensonbondstone.com for more information) because this system allows us and allows builders to build their homes so much more affordable than traditional building. Instead of taking months and months to get the house built and framed out we’re talking a matter of days, and that can include all of the drywall, all of the sheathing, all the framework all in under a week and still be saving money on the front end. We personally think it’s silly that safety always has to mean a higher price tag.

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